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Scheduled Shred Service

Flexible schedule to fit your needs

  • Multiple container sizes 


Bulk Shred Service

Annual or One Time Clean Out 


Data Destruction

Keep your data safe and secure. We Safely Shred & Dispose Your Hard Drives and other media items. 


Do you rely on your dog to shred your documents? We Can Help.

Absolute Shredding does a great job!  Our company is in the midst of changing over service for all 20 locations to Absolute Shredding and we are happy we chose them.   We love the consistent friendly service we receive each month!

--Liz, Hudec Dental

Our Commitment To The Environment

Recycling is a major focus of Absolute Shredding.


We recycle 100% of your shredded paper. Our commitment to the environment helps save trees, water, electricity, and oil.


There is nothing we value more than your privacy. Each time we shred your documents, we will present to you a Certification of Destruction.



We operate our business under the guidelines of all current information destruction laws. This includes FACTA, HIPAA, GLB, and many more


Shred Events >>

Saturday 05/04/24    9:00-1:00  City of Highland Heights  •   5827 Highland Road      

Friday  05/10/24     3:00-6:00   City of Beachwood  •  25327 Fairmount Blvd

Saturday 05/11/24   9:00-12:00   City of Avon  •  36080 Chester Road

Saturday 05/18/24    9:00-12:00  City of Garfield Heights. •  City Hall  

Saturday 05/18/24    9:00-12:00 City of Middleburg Heights.  •  7375 Engle Rd., Service Garage

Saturday 06/01/24    9:00-12:00 City of Brooklyn Heights. •  345 Tuxedo Avenue 

Saturday 06/01/24     9:00-12:00 Village of Walton Hills  •  7595 Walton Road 

Saturday 06/08/24   9:00-12:00  City of New Franklin •  5611 Manchester Road 

Saturday 07/20/24  9:00-12:00   Village of Valley View  •  6848 Hathaway Road 

Saturday 07/20/24    9:00-12:00 City of Middleburg Heights  •  7375 Engle Rd., Service Garage 

Saturday 08/03/24    9:00-12:00 City of Broadview Heights •  9543 Broadview Road

Sunday 09/08/24      9:00-12:00City of Beachwood •  25327 Fairmount Blvd9 

Saturday 09/14/24   9:00-12:00  City of Garfield Heights •  City Hall not Service Garage 

Saturday 09/14/24   9:00-12:00   City of Berea •  Public S. Garage, 400 Barrett Rd 

Saturday 09/21/24    9:00-12:00 City of Avon •  36081 Chester Road 

Saturday 09/28/24   9:00-12:00  City of Middleburg Heights •  7375 Engle Rd., Service Garage 

Saturday 09/28/24   9:00-12:00   City of Brooklyn Heights •  345 Tuxedo Avenue 

Saturday 10/05/24    9:00-12:00   City of Euclid •  25200 Lakeland Blvd 

Saturday 10/12/24     8:30-12:30  City of Independence •  6354 Selig Drive 

Saturday 10/19/24      9:00-1:00   City of Highland Heights •  5827 Highland Road 

Saturday 10/26/24      9:00-11:00    City of Rocky River •  21012 Hilliard Blvd 


Complete Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied for any reason we will correct all issues immediately.

No Hidden Charges

What we quote you is what you will pay. No stop fees, no off route fees, no fuel surcharges, etc.

High Levels of Security

Absolute Shredding provides the highest levels of shredding security with our newest technology on site shredding vehicles.

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